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Traditionally, ice cream is poured as a liquid into cartons , then left to freeze for 30 hours in a freezer.  Ambient air seeps into the ice cream causing iciness or crystallisation.  But... with our fabulously fast freezing process there is no chance for crystals to form, making an ultra smooth, ultra fresh sensation for your pallet!

SuperCool's Nitro-Artisan hand made process makes the most delicious and fresh ice cream you could ever hope to try.  Fruit Flavors are quite literally sumptuous because the whole fruit is not frozen solid, rather our flash freezing just tickles the outside, maintaining freshness and natural texture. Imagine, an ice cream company that does not own a freezer!  All our ice cream is made fresh on the spot using liquid nitrogen.

You may also be interested to know that nitrogen is -320 degrees F... it exists naturally in 80% of the air we breath.  When the Nitro is poured in to our product, it freezes the ice cream or cocktail on contact. The dramatic smoke that surrounds the Nitro-Artisan process is simply evaporation. Just like magic, when the smoke disappears, so does the nitrogen and the fresh ice cream is and ready to enjoy immediately!.